To engage women into a relationship with God through partnerships with churches, ministries and outreach organizations in their community.


Affirming, equipping and encouraging women to serve God and community.

DK Community

What began as a small Christian Women’s Conference known as “Daughters of the King”, has grown into a dynamic community, now known as DK Community.  This community is increasingly expanding the range of events and venues featuring women in leadership and ministry throughout the Bradenton/Sarasota area, as well as nationally recognized speakers, teachers and singers/worship leaders.

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Daughters of the King

This is a two-day women’s conference held in the Bradenton and Sarasota area each November. We have local as well as nationally known speakers and singers.  The focus is Biblical teaching to strengthen women in their walk with Christ and facilitate connection with one another.  Previous speakers include Karen Abercrombie (Ms. Clara from the War Room Movie), Lauren Talley, Michelle Tellone (from the JoyFM), and Candy Pfeifer.  While this is currently held locally, the conference can also be taken to other cities.

Women of Worship

This is a dynamic night of worship with an entirely female band!  This worship team is made up of women from six different churches in the Bradenton/Sarasota area.  This event takes place on a quarterly basis and is hosted by a number of local churches.

Lead by Grace LeadHership Training

This training is designed for women who have been called into leadership/ministry. Speakers with special expertise are brought in to share their experiences and knowledge. These are held as pre-conference events, but can also be scheduled separately.

Pastor/Minister’s Wives

These sessions are an opportunity for us to pour into the lives of pastor’s wives and lavish them with special treatment and goodie bags to take home.  Our desire is to lift them up and encourage them in order to send them home refreshed and re-energized.

Special Events

DK Community has expanded to a variety of events such as an Art Gala, Leadership Training and Discipleship Training.  Local churches host these events.

We welcome the opportunity to expand our partnerships with new host churches.
Please CONTACT us if you are interested in hosting any of these events!

DK Community is a non-profit 501c3 organization under Galatians 6:2, Inc.

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